a cross-agency collaboration with the Bikes for Kids Foundation

How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike? You remember it, right? The unsteady balance that gave way to confident, no-holds-barred pedaling. The sun on your face and the wind making your shirt sleeves flutter. The newfound independence. While you were off building memories, you probably weren't thinking about how bike riding also builds muscle mass.

It probably never entered your mind that taking a spin could sharpen your focus and develop your strength both inside and out, leading to better performance at school.

But the harsh reality is that many children living at or below the poverty line don’t have access to a bike. They don’t get to experience those same benefits others have been fortunate enough to have.

Here’s how to take part.

During Bike to Work Week (May 17-21, 2021) and ahead of Bike to Work Day 2021, we’ve asked our teams to take selfies of themselves on their bikes. For every submitted selfie, we will donate one bike through the Bikes for Kids Foundation.
And we’d love for other companies to join in on the opportunity to give!


Ask your company to join in on donate a bike on your behalf
Download the email to send them!


Capture your journey to work (the funnier the photo, the more likely we feature) and share it with us


Your company donates a bike through the Bikes for Kids Foundation


A kid in need gets to experience the amazing feeling of riding their own bike

Now, we know your commute probably looks a little different right now.

So take some inspiration from the photos below, send your company proof that you biked to work, and ask them to help bring a bike to a kid in need! And don’t forget to share your photo with us!

A little more about the Bikes for Kids Foundation

69% of all elementary school children live below the poverty level. Most have never experienced the excitement of a bicycle. YOU can change that!

Bikes for Kids Foundation has impacted over 61,000 economically disadvantaged children since 2002. Our focus is to provide character building books and classroom instruction while rewarding the student’s reading and completed essay with a bike and helmet. With the support of sponsors from across the United States, we have impacted Title 1 students in hundreds of underserved elementary schools. It is our intention to dramatically expand our presence to every classroom in the country. We do this with thanks to the generous support of corporations and individuals seeking to serve those in need in their communities.
Learn more about BFK