What if didn't have to be so ruff?

At y'all, we're building a new normal. We're a warm and fuzzy group of humans (and dogs and cats) having a helluva good time doing great work—and making an impact on earth while we’re at it.

Don't stay inside the box you've been put in. Break out of it. 💪

The creatures of y'all 🦙

If you find yourself having an inordinate amount of fun working with the humans of y'all, you can't say we didn't warn you. The truth is, we're all curious. Multifaceted. Disarmingly intelligent. A little weird. (OK, really weird. 🙃) And, most of all, inspired to change the world with our work. We thrive at the intersection of creativity and technology to push the boundaries of the digital world. We create solutions with a refreshing perspective—because we see the 🌎 from a different point of view.

Meet our newest humans: Meredith, Tim, and Tina! 👋

Meredith Aloisio, Sicily

Sr. Project Manager, Dog

Meredith Aloisio

Timothy Merritt / Luna

Jr. Front End Engineer, Cat

Timothy Merritt

Tina Lindell, Mons

Copywriter, Cat

Tina Lindell

Erin Kelly, Buddy

Sr. Visual Designer, Dog

Erin Kelly

Christian Kastner, Ellie

Creative Developer, Dog

Christian Kastner

You are us.
And we are y'all.


Michael Falcicchio

Director of Client Partnerships

Michael Falcicchio

Andrew Lange, Frankie

Director of Analytics, Cat

Andrew Lange

Michael Foster, Celo

Creative Director, Shoulder rider

Michael Foster

You are us.
And we are y'all.


You are us.
And we are y'all.


Alice Freda

Front-End Engineer

Alice Freda

Stephanie Lee, Toki

Sr. Project Manager, Dog

Stephanie Lee

Marisa Rugilo, Louis+Ella

Director of Copy, Kitties

Marisa Rugilo

Michael Steiner

Director of Experience Planning

Michael Steiner

Moses Gunesch, Pearl

Principal Engineer, Dog

Moses Gunesch

Audrey Mason, Pearl

Senior Copywriter, Dog

Audrey Mason

Tracy Goldenberg, Lilo

Director of Operations, Dog

Tracy Goldenberg

Sehzat Oner, Timmy

Director of 3D Animation, Cat

Sehzat Oner

David Karl, Fiona+Ash

Director of Design + Video, Dog+Butthead

David Karl

Michael Fanuzzi, Jasper

Director of Creative Technology, Falcon Cat

Michael Fanuzzi

You are us.
And we are y'all.


David Brungard, Emma & Oliver

Partner, Kids of y'all

David Brungard

David Lubofsky, Llama

Partner, Company mascot

David Lubofsky

Great clients + y'all = 😊

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The way y'all sees it 👁️

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